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“Our surveys confirmed:

The failure of many SEO companies is the lack of constructive key word research relevant to what a business does and the area or regions they wish to target”

Phil Heffernan

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Why HWA is a Different Type of SEO Company

Effective search engine ranking results are only achieved by specialized technicians who understand the complexities and workings of the search engines and the proper development of a key word programme devoted 100% to your business.

Once effective search engine rankings have been achieved, we offer 3 ranking reports and an ongoing annual SEO management based on attractive realistic prices to ensure your position within the search engine optimisation remains intact.

Although we cannot guarantee any business the top 3 positions, we guarantee our SEO services will give results, and we will make every endeavour to achieve this. And once you reach the top rankings we charge no more for your SEO work because we have achieved the results with our professional website optimisation services.

Within our organization only the best and most highly qualified search engine optimisation SEO marketers, are chosen to deliver those results for our customers.

This is an area of our business we treat seriously because Search Engine Optimisation is one of the critical processes that will allow our clients, to enjoy the market exposure they deserve on the internet, non stop 365 days of the year.

Your Search Engine Optimisation comes with continual ongoing SEO reporting.

Please contact us for an obligation free assessment of your search engine optimisation and marketing needs or Call Phil Heffernan on 0415 171 998 to discuss your project.

How Search Engine Optimisation works for your business

In the organic listings field, there are three major search engines and about six minor ones. Google, Yahoo and Bing are considered the 'Big 3' as they each have their own unique spiders and ranking algorithms.

Successful internet marketing starts with gaining top positions or rankings in all major search engines or search engine optimisation, which will attract more visitors, more customers and more sales.

And not just some key words and phrases but a variety of them which historically we know searchers will use.

Our organization has the tools to identify SEO key words and phrases that are always used by searchers looking your type of service and product.

This SEO key word tracking system we implement, is very much part of the key word content written by our professional writers when your website is being newly designed, up graded or re designed?

Developing an optimized website will ensure 100% that the major search engines like Google will know your website is relevant to what the searcher is looking for, and thus rank your website as an important source to a potential viewer or visitor.

Here are some other key points:

  • We know the correct keywords for search engine optimisation on every web page
  • We write relevant key word text in your website and that includes headlines and subheadings
  • Placing keywords in the source codes of images
  • Meta tagging skills are essential
  • A well written title tag that is appealing to visitors and searches alike
  • A well organised site map is a must
  • Faq development programs
  • News items of relevance
  • Determining the best links
  • A streamlined submission program
  • Understanding page rank and hypertext - matching analysis
  • Email marketing

Please contact us for an obligation free assessment of your search engine optimisation and marketing needs or Call Phil Heffernan on 0415 171 998 to discuss your project.