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How to Outdo the Competition

Every business has competition – think of Coca Cola and Pepsi or Apple and Microsoft. They sell products that are to all intents and purposes really the same – a computer is a computer – right? So how have these companies become top sellers, even with massive competition?

They do it because their advertising strategies promote the benefits of their products to their customers. And they achieve this by understanding the differences between their products and their competitors – and this comes from knowing your competition.

So the first item in your business marketing strategy is to become intimate with your competition, find the differences and then exploit these differences.

Once you have a firm list of the differences between your products and services and your competitors, then you need to promote these differences. And one of the best ways to do this is to focus on the benefits of your product or service to the customer, over and above the benefits your competitors can provide.

So here are 2 ways to promote the benefits and services your business offers - that are better than your competitors:

Find your Niche

What does your product or service do better than the competition? Find the unique difference between your products or services, or solve a problem in an innovative way – and your product will promote itself.

This is because if you target a select group of people and solve their problem – everyone in that group will want your product – and then everyone with the same problem, but outside of that group will want it as well.

Think of the Maglite – that humble flashlight. In 1979, Tony Maglica wanted to create a tough and reliable flashlight for the public safety sector. Police officers and firefighters loved the Maglite, word spread quickly and now most people either know about the flashlight or own one. In fact in 1996, the Wall Street Journal called the Maglite ‘the Cadillac of flashlights” – not bad for a tough little flashlight.

Think different

If your product or service is the same as your competitors – why even bother? To outdo the competition you need to think differently. What is your mission – the purpose of your business? In other words what are your business’s core values?

For Apple it is not to sell computers or mobile phones, their core value is to challenge conventional thinking and to design beautiful things. And they have done just that – Apple computers are in direct competition with Microsoft and they continue to challenge people’s ideas of how to interact with a computer.

And what about Starbucks – they are a coffee shop and we have literally hundreds of thousands of them. So how does Starbucks stand out from the crowd and how have they become so successful? They did it by finding a niche and thinking differently.

Starbucks don’t just offer coffee and a cake – they offer a coffee experience. With the first happy welcome as you enter the establishment, to using your first name on your order, the homey, comfortable atmosphere of Starbucks has woven emotion into their coffee – and people develop a feeling of belonging when they are in a Starbucks store.

So reconsider your business marketing techniques - find a niche, think different and think forward. How can you do more, offer more and improve your product – include these strategies into your marketing mix and then outdo the competition on their own turf.

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