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7 Tips to Maximise a Job Quote and Increase Sales

One of the fastest ways to lose money in your business is to underquote jobs. Few people consider the value of job quotes in their business marketing strategy. And not being compensated for your time and all the other factors that are involved in the quoted work - can be the difference between a successful business and one that is fighting for survival.

So submitting a well thought out job quote is fundamental to your bottom line. But how do you do that? And even more significant – how do you maximise the quote and get the deal done?

Well consider incorporating these 7 tips to successful job quotes within your business marketing strategy.

1. Don’t write quotes

This tip is particularly for trades people who spend half their time driving around giving job quotes to home owners – so stop writing quotes and get the job in the bag. Don’t just go in, get the job details, leave - and then email the quote. Sell yourself and your skills right then and there – outdo the competition and get the job – quotes cost money.

2. Be sure you can do the job

If you cannot do the job do not give a quote. Your reputation is built on the quality of your work, so if an employee can do the job, great! But if it’s all on you and your skills do not cover the job, walk away gracefully. Then decide whether your business will benefit from you obtaining those particular skills. Do not lie and do a bad job.

3. It’s all about the benefits

Features are great and clients want to know about them, but it is the benefits that will make the sale. Tell them how your product or service can help solve their problem. How will they benefit from your product or service? Give them benefits, solve their problem and make the sale.

4. Communicate clearly

Speak slowly and with authority. Do not be overbearing but speak with the confidence that you are a professional person, are an expert in your field and can do the job better than your competition.

5. Cut the sales pitch

Nobody likes a long sales pitch and it costs you time. So keep to the facts, be accurate and don’t embellish your abilities. Give the client enough information to make a decision.

6. Engage the client

Even in a short time your attitude can build trust. If appropriate and circumstances permit - ask about their life and share your own experiences. Particularly your own mistakes and how you found solutions – and make the conversation relevant to the product or service you are offering. Find the common ground and utilise it to engage your customer. The more they know about you, the more they trust you and the more often they will buy.

7. Take your time

We all know that time is money but do not appear harassed and time poor. Give your attention to the client and their problem and give them enough of your time to feel confident in your abilities. No-one likes to feel ignored and unimportant.

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