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Five Reasons Why Your Site Should Have A Blog

You've probably already heard that business blogs are generating some serious buzz both in the traditional media and online. More and more businesses across Australia in almost every industry are leveraging the power of blogs to promote their business, bring new traffic to their websites and turn visitors into customers.

Starting a blog has never been more accessible for Australian business owners. Once the initial setup has been completed, anyone can start blogging - even if you only have basic computer skills. In fact, if you can surf the internet, use a word processor and send an email, you can start promoting your business through a blog today.

But when you take away the hype, the question remains: Why should your business have a blog? This article takes a look at five compelling reasons how a blog can build your business, increase sales and establish your brand as an industry leader.

Share Important News About Your Business

Because blogs are able to be updated so quickly and easily, they allow you to share important news with your clients. Just finished a new project? Share your completed work with your existing and potential customers. Have you just released a new product or service? Let Australia know all about it. Has the government introduced a new subsidy related to your business? Share all the details with the people looking for information on the Internet and establish your business as an authority.

You can even share special offers with your customers, all without the need for expensive advertising and printing costs. Best of all, because your blog is uploaded onto the Internet almost instantly, you retain complete control of your business's message at all times.

Build A Relationship With Your Customers

With an increasingly social and online world, people want to do business with companies that they feel they have built a relationship with. Sharing useful content with your potential customers on your business blog builds a level of trust that you simply can't establish through a traditional website or other traditional advertising methods.

Sharing your expertise online in the form of lists, case studies, product reviews and other helpful information gets your potential clients thinking about your business in ways that they never have before and - importantly - cements your business brand in the forefront of their minds when they think about your products and services.

Establish Your Business As An Authority

With all of the companies on the Internet these days all vying for a finite amount search engine exposure and visitor traffic, how do you differentiate your business from your competitors'?

A blog is the perfect way of establishing you and your business as the definitive authority in your industry. Because business blogging is such a relatively new phenomenon, there's never been a better time to position your business brand as the go-to company for everything to do with your industry.

Business blogging can even lead to TV, radio and print exposure from journalists and commentators desperate to find industry authorities to comment on the news of the day. Could your business benefit from free exposure in front of thousands of people?

Search Engines Love Blogs

It's no secret that if you can position your business at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for searches relating to your industry, you can bring a flood of potential customers to your website. While SEO is a complicated topic, the fact remains that there no better way to make your site attractive to the search engines than with regular, fresh content posted on a business blog.

Even only a few short blog posts a month can catapult your site to the top of the search engines for relevant keyword phrases related to your business. The simple fact is that business blogging introduces more potential customers than almost any other online strategy.

Blogs Allow You To Leverage The Power Of Social Media

The Internet isn't just about finding interesting content anymore. With incredibly popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, the Internet is about sharing content.

Posting informative content about your business, your products and your services through a business blog is a great way to let people start talking about your company and sharing your news through social media.

As well as allowing people to find and promote your blog through social media, a business blog is also a perfect partner for your own social media accounts. Posting links back to your blog and making relevant, considerate comments through Facebook, Twitter or any of the other popular social sharing sites is the ideal way of promoting your business blog, start a conversation with your customers and to deliver even more relevant traffic to your website..

Start A Business Blog Today With Heffernan Webdesign Advertising

If you're ready to start a business blog to start promoting your company, call Heffernan Webdesign Advertising today. We focus on explaining all of your options in clear, easy to understand terms without using a whole lot of confusing Internet jargon.

In fact, whether you already have an established website, or you're only just establishing your online presence, we make the process for starting your business blog easy and hassle free.

For more information and an obligation free consultation, please call us today or send us an online enquiry.