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How Important is Responsive Website Design?

Heffernan web designs – mobile friendly website design in Sydney

Did you know that on April 21st Google introduced its latest algorithm update which effects the way it ranks websites on the search engine results pages?

This update means that Google actively promotes mobile-friendly websites and will rank them higher in the organic results pages than websites that are not optimised for mobile devices. Google has introduced this update because it wants to present the most appropriate results to searchers and wants to provide them with a good user experience.

Google introduces a new mobile-friendly update to its ranking algorithm

The problem is that if your website is not mobile friendly, then it may well loose rankings, in fact you might already have noticed a loss in traffic. Some websites have dramatically lost rankings already and others, even though they are not mobile friendly have not seen any changes. This is no time to sit on your laurels however, because Google will catch up with you sooner or later – to your detriment.

Why is a mobile website design in Sydney important?

Well apart from losing rankings, traffic, sales and conversions, the situation is only going to become worse. That’s because it is predicted that by 2016, there will be as many people searching the internet on their mobile devices, as there are using their desktop PCs.

Even more important, there is more than one mobile service in Australia for every single person, which means that people have a selection of devices that they can use to access the internet. Currently there are 21.26 million mobile phone services in use in Australia and 26% of all web searches are performed using mobile phones alone.

That is a lot of customers you could be losing, if your website is not mobile friendly.

So how do you know if you already have a mobile web design in Sydney?

Testing your website to determine whether it is mobile-friendly or not is easy. First, simply call up your website on your own mobile devices and check if it displays correctly or not. Second, enter your URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, which will give you an instantaneous response – yes or no.

What can you do if your website is not mobile-friendly?

The short answer is that you need a responsive website, that’s why at Heffernan Web Designs we promote responsive web designs in Sydney for our clients. Without either a responsive design or a website that is specifically designed just for mobile devices, you are behind the eight ball and will eventually lose customers and sales.

There is no other option, if you rely on your website for leads, conversions or sales and because Google is now actively promoting mobile-friendly websites over those that are not mobile-friendly, your competitors will continue to gain traction and achieve a greater share of the market.

On the other hand, if your competitors do not have a responsive web design in Sydney, this immediately gives you the competitive edge. Remember – the longer you take to change to a responsive web design – the more help you give to your competition.

So if your back is up against the wall and you need a mobile web design in Sydney – call Heffernan Web Designs on 0415 171 998 or email us on phil@heffernanwebdesigns.com.au