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How To Make Online Video Advertising Work For Your Business

With an increasing amount of competition on the Internet across almost every industry, it’s no longer enough just to have a website: your website needs to have impact.

An online video commercial featured on your website is one of the single most effective ways of making an instant and lasting impression on the potential customers on your site. The benefits are clear: online video keeps visitors on sites for longer, increases engagement and converts visitors into buyers more effectively than written content alone.

This article outlines some of the key considerations to make online video advertising work for your business.

Script Your Commercial With The Viewer In Mind

It’s one of the fundamentals of advertising: people don’t care about products and services -- they only care about how the product or service is going to benefit them. Because you only have a few precious moments to catch you visitor’s attention, effective website commercials get straight to the point and highlight the key benefits of choosing your company’s products and services.

It’s also important to remember that people surfing the Internet have notoriously short attention spans. Your website commercial should make an impression, get straight to the point and deliver only the most important benefits for your customer with a minimum of filler material.

Tell A Story That Your Customers Want To Hear

Just because you only have a short amount of time to grab your viewer’s attention, it doesn’t mean that your website commercial needs to be dull! When scripting your commercial, try to tell a story that will appeal to your viewer.

There’s lots of different options to do this effectively. For example, show the viewer how your product or service works and the results it creates for your customers. Alternatively, interviews with your staff can rapidly build trust with a viewer and can be a fun way for visitors to your site to meet your team. In the end, whatever story you choose to tell, make it engaging, genuine and informative.

Professional Results Need Professional Equipment

Videos filmed on a handheld camcorder are fine for home movies, but to promote your company as a professional business, you’ll need help from the professionals. Cameras, lighting and editing all need to be up to industry standard to ensure that you are left with a website commercial that you’re proud to represent your business with.

When you work with a video production company specialising in website video commercials, you’ll not only gain access to professional equipment. You’ll also be tapping into a production, filming and direction team that have the experience and expertise that you’ll need to create a professional commercial for your website.

Promote Your Commercial Across The Web

Once your commercial has been produced, you’ll need to get it seen. While your website is the natural stage to prominently display your advertisement, it’s important not to forget to distribute your commercial to a range of relevant sites across the Internet.

Did you know that the second most popular search engine worldwide - only beaten by Google - is the video sharing site YouTube? And did you know that you can upload your newly produced website video commercial for free?

Once your commercial has been properly optimised, not only will your video be prominently displayed in YouTube search results, it can also appear high up in Google result pages as its own listing, too. What this means is that with only the right content distribution strategy, your video commercial can have a reach far greater than just your website, delivering more potential customers to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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