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Affordable Email Marketing and Newsletter Services and Solutions Sydney

Targeted Email Marketing Campaign Services

Getting your customers to your website is only half the battle.

With hundreds of websites in direct competition to yours how are you going to hold onto the attention of your customer? An email marketing campaign designed and implemented by Heffernan Webdesign Advertising - Email marketing consultant and service providers in Sydney can keep you in touch with your customer throughout the life of their relationship with you for low ongoing costs.

A targeted email marketing service from Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can help your website rise to the top of the competition during the time where your customers are researching your product or service, or keep in touch with customers with news, special offers and new products and services – for weeks, months and years after the initial purchase!

How targeted email marketing campaigns work for your business

Email marketing starts with your website’s visitor giving you their email address in exchange for almost any piece of information that you can offer them that helps solve their problem – in other words, why they’ve come to your website in the first place.

Regardless of what industry you are promoting with your website, Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can help create a targeted email marketing campaign that builds a list of targeted customers that you can communicate with and offer them targeted offers at any time that suits your business.

The best thing about email marketing is that there is nothing ‘spammy’ or ‘junky’ about your communications – your list of customers is made up of visitors that are interested in your product, service and want to hear more from you and your company.

Email newsletters services by Heffernan Webdesign Advertising

Once you have sold your product or service to a customer, that customer instantly becomes incredibly valuable to your business. While short-sighted business owners may disregard customers that have purchased from them and move onto the next prospect, smart business owners realise that it is these customers that will continue to buy from them year after year after year.

With customised email newsletters designed by Heffernan Webdesign Advertising you can keep in contact with your most valuable asset – a satisfied customer – month after month, year after year with news, specials, new products and reminders at regular intervals that suit your business.

And once you have your list of targeted customers, you can contact them at a moment’s notice: imagine being able to tie your product to a relevant news story or event at a moment’s notice… a roofing special after a big storm… solar panels to match a new government incentive… 10% off a new bathroom after a feature on renovations on a current affairs show… whatever business you are in, we can help you tie your products and services to what your customers are doing, watching or listening to… right now!

Start your email marketing campaign today

A successfully designed and implemented email marketing campaign from Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can skyrocket your return on investment and get your customers coming back for more and your name on their lips.

To learn more about how email marketing can change everything you know about marketing your business, Call Phil Heffernan on 0415 171 998 or contact us today for an obligation free assessment of your business and how a targeted email marketing campaign from Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can work for your business.