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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management Company Sydney

PPC Advertising and Campaign Management Services

Pay Per Click advertising allows you to have your website listed on the front page of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Sensis. As an advertiser, you are only charged when a visitor clicks on your website advertisement to visit your web site.

Heffernan Webdesign Advertising (HWA) as pay per click specialist can increase your online presence with our Pay Per Click (PPC) management service.

With our head office in Sydney, HWA is one Australia's leading online marketing companies with representatives in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Through our managed search engine PPC advertising services in Australia, HWA can attract quality traffic onto particular pages on your website with keyword research.

The Benefits of using a PPC Company for Campaign Management

This quality traffic is directed to your site by choosing particular keyword phrases or bidding for Pay Per Click advertising on the major search engine such as Google. The bid amount is paid by the advertiser who bids on two or more keyword phrases relating to their business. The highest bid receives the highest ranking and click traffic.

When our PPC expert consultants at HWA set up your PPC advertising, after consultation with you and based on your instructions, we take care of the bidding and we can specify which pages the traffic will be directed to for your optimum exposure.

For example if your business is having a sale of particular items our pay per cick (PPC) management consultant; with the use of keywords can create a page for each product category and then send the traffic to the particular website pages via the search engines.

With our PPC programs we can help you choose the best keyword phrases to focus your PPC advertising on, by tracking the hits onto your website of those keywords using our PPC management services, we can monitor the results.

For example if you sell door locks and someone is looking to buy a new door lock on the internet and types in 'locks' into the search engine; their results will be less qualified or less likely to visit your website compared to someone who types in 'door locks'; and then someone who types in 'supply door locks' is more qualified or more likely to visit your website, than someone who types in 'door locks'.

HWA experienced PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists in Sydney can help you to select an appropriate keyword lists in order to attract quality traffic to your specific website pages, together with cost effective results.

By selecting the most effective keyword phrases, in a PPC marketing campaign means you can focus your online marketing on the most appropriate area of your business.

Once these keyword phrases have been selected, we can then track the results of the traffic and identify those keywords getting results and those which are not.

One of the incredible benefits of PPC is that as an advertiser, you are only charged when a visitor clicks on your online advertisement to visit your web site.

Cost-Per-Click or CPC is the pre agreed price charged to the advertiser every time a visitor clicks on their PPC advertisement or link.

This means you can qualify which area of your advertising is working and which needs more impact. You retain complete cost control throughout the entire process.

Remember 10% of your PPC keywords will produce 90% of your results. Heffernan Webdesign Advertising (HWA) can help you track each keyword for the maximum results.

HWA can place your advertising on the major search engines such as Google through their sponsored links optimisation program, where your ads appear on the first page of the internet search.

Pay Per Click Management Services by HWA - PPC Company in Sydney

Our professional PPC (Pay Per Click) experts can manage your advertising Cost-Per-Click account on Google together with set up and optimisation of your site for optimal performance, thus increasing your web traffic with guaranteed results.

Thousands of people visit the first page of Google looking for products and services every day and with a Google sponsored links program managed by HWA, this traffic is immediately directed to your ad on the first page of the search.

Click costs start as little a 5 cents per click and vary depending on the keywords chosen. An advantage of CPC is that you have the choice to set your daily budget, so if wish to limit your spend to $5 a day, your ads will stop showing once your budget has been reached.

The Google's Sponsored Links Program works on a cost per click (CPC) basis, so once we set up your account, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

HWA can assure further optimal performance of your advertising campaign with your participation in the Google "ad Sense" where you can earn relevant money from other people's ads on your website.

Another choice we can offer is the Google "ad words" program where you attract more customers by displaying your ad on another website. With this advertising network you are connecting to potential customers who are searching through similar websites and services to yours through Google; and you only pay when they click on your ad. We can give you all the information on how the Google Sponsored Links Programs work and the benefits of sponsored links in order to increase your online presence and bring your potential customers to you via the web.

No matter what your budget is Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can design an advertising campaign on the internet to suit your business needs.

By being connected to the Google advertising network with the right keyword research and our tracking skills, we can bring more traffic to your website regardless of your size business.

We can tailor a campaign to suit you from Pay Per Click services inlcluding;

  • Keyword research;
  • Ad copy writing;
  • Web usability and tracking;
  • Pay for placement on the internet advertising;
  • Cost-Per-Click advertising
  • How to improve your search engine rankings.

Our consultants at HWA work closely with our clients over a period of 6 to 12 months building a professional relationship lasting for years. Our Pay Per Click services are an excellent way to start generating traffic to your website.

Our Pay Per Click advertising programs display your ad or link in most cases, at the top of the search engines lists, for the keywords you have bid on. Therefore when someone clicks on your advertisement it links them to particular page on your website you want them to see.

This is an excellent way for your top rankings on the internet to generate traffic to your website and increase your online presence.

SEM Company | Search Engine Marketing Services

Internet Marketing is the fastest growing service worldwide in the 21st Century and it's not surprising that most people find it all a bit daunting as to where they should begin.

That is why it is best to call in the experts in search engine marketing/optimisation services in Australia, who can give you advice and help to put your business first against your competition in the online marketing business.

Heffernan Webdesign Advertising can help you with all your internet marketing strategies and solutions as to how to increase traffic to your website and sales for your business.

In 2008 there are 9.3 million people using the internet in Australia every day, with 79% of these internet users looking for products and services. Your business needs to be a part of this traffic because you may have products and services they want.

HWA can help you connect with customers through Google exposure by getting your website on the first page of Google search results almost immediately.

Be sure your potential customers can visit your website with a quick download time and easy access through HWA web hosting in Australia.

We offer a complete service of web page design and hosting which is all in house; ensuring any internet problems are resolved quickly and efficiently 24 / 7. Our webpage hosting provides domain names and unlimited email accounts for each domain name. This ensures a comprehensive branding of all your marketing images when it comes to promoting your products and services on the internet.

As Google qualified professionals we can help you put an advertising campaign together for the internet which will include carefully designed text ads for each particular product or service group offered by your business. This will result in potential customers clicking on your website when searching for specific products and services that you offer through first page Google exposure!

We can devise a plan to suit your advertising dollars and an advertising plan that will bring people who are looking for your service to your website.

For example if you are a small business owner, where dollars spent are important. By selecting the right plan for you, we can have your banner ads appear on selected websites in your local area or on sites that complement your business, at very cost effective prices.

The browser may have visited a website where your banner ad image appears in connection to the topic they are researching, and upon clicking on your graphic image or banner ad they automatically visit your website.

This cross reference of selective websites for your business; means you are qualifying the reason they visit your website through a banner ad. For example the person may read online about a service their interested in and click on your banner ad because your product is associated with this service.

The banner ad is loaded with a web browser directing the person to your website's page associated with the product. Although the banner ad is a simple HTML code of advertising, its presence on websites gives your business unlimited access to potential customers.

As internet marketing consultants HWA, offer free quotes for banner ads; search engine optimisation design; web hosting; Pay Per Click web visits to your website; Cost-Per Click advertising; Internet Ranking Analysis Reports; web strategies and product branding programs.

We have marketing services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, so give us a call for our internet marketing services and comprehensive prices. It will be the best step you can take towards the future success of your business.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote or Call Phil Heffernan on 0415 171 998 to discuss your project.